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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Home Charging Station for Cell Phones

Do you have cell phones charging on bathroom counters?  eReaders charging on nightstands?  Camera batteries charging on an end table?

Do you spend time hunting your phone charger because you can't remember where you left it after the last time you used it?

Well, that used to be our house.  AND I hated it!

So this was my solution.

We had this little piece of furniture just inside our front door.  With a few incredibly simple alterations, this little dresser became our charging station.  In fact, just one drawer in this unit became our charging station; the rest is still used for it's original purpose.  Does it look like an electronic charging station?  Nope!  It is all hidden neatly away and out of sight.

All you really need to create your own charging station is a piece of furniture with a drawer.  It could be a nightstand or an end table. And now you'll see why you need the drawer.

I had the husband remove the drawer on the left and drill a hole through both the back piece of the drawer and the back of the dresser. Well, several holes--we probably should have used the jigsaw once we had the hole started.  (If I had to do it again, I would do that, as I'm sure it would look a lot neater on the inside.)  Since the drawer is closed, it isn't a huge deal to me.  And...it serves the purpose I needed.

Once the holes were drilled, we had room to put a power strip through the holes and plug the cord into the outlet behind the dresser.  The power strip sits in the drawer, and when the drawer is closed--no one is the wiser that this is where everything in the house is charged.

This is a shot of the open charging drawer.  You could use an extension cord, but I like the fact that a power strip has a surge protector and an on/off switch.  It also allows you to charge more things at a time.  I added a cushy shelf liner in the bottom of the drawer to cushion the electronics while they are charging.

And that is it.  The whole thing took about ten minutes to do.

Now, there is no more searching for the chargers or cords!  They are all in one place, and there is no need to take them out of the drawer.  The drawer stores the cords when they aren't in use.  About the only time they are ever taken out is when we are traveling.

We have sometimes had four cell phones and a camera battery charging at the same time, but that was when the girls still lived at home.  Now, we are usually charging the Nook, a camera battery, and a phone or two.  We set them all in the drawer, close the drawer, and...

Voila!!  Just a small dresser/storage unit again. 

This is a super simple solution to keeping your house organized and clutter free!  Who knew a home charging station could be so easy?

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