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I'm not crafty, creative, or a great cook. This blog is just going to be some simple, inexpensive ways to tackle different things. The motto of Easy Street 2: "Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do. Or do without." I haven't always lived this way, but I've slowly changed over to cheap, recycling, and re-purposing. I love learning new ways to do things, so you're joining me on this journey! Failures, successes? I'll report them all!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Easy Summer Beers

This is a family favorite summer drink.  There is a restaurant near here that serves the best summer beers, and we have come as close as we can in duplicating their signature drink.

So here goes:

Easy Summer Beers

1 can of frozen lemonade concentrate  (use the empty can for the next 2 ingredients)
1 can of water  (can add more if you want it a little weaker)
1 can of vodka
1 can or bottle of beer

Stir and serve over ice.  And that's it!  I told you:  simple!

You can make this in big batches for parties.  Just put them in the water jug and fill your cooler with some ice for the drink.  
These are best served on a patio with lots of close friends.

OK. True confessions.  After a summer beer afternoon, a crazy cousin led several other crazy cousins on a wild goose chase of a hike looking for hidden springs.  (They really weren't hidden, he just couldn't find them.)  Three hours later, they returned.  Thankfully, they all still speak!

Yeah.  Use caution when enjoying one of our favorite summer drinks!

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